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Alma Mater

Santa Barbara, hail to thee,
Strong thy ties shall ever be.
Son and daughter praise thy name,
Honor thee and spread thy fame.
Learning and fellowship always thou art,
Deep graven these on ever heart.
Strong they ties shall ever be,
Santa Barbara, hail to thee!
Class of 1967  55th Reunion
Saturday, October 1, 2022
No Host Cocktail Evening

Join us for cocktails and appetizers following the
 ALL DONS’ REUNION on the SBHS campus!

Place:  Terrace at the Crocodile Bar and Restaurant
Lemon Tree Inn
2819 State Street
(Corner of State and Alamar Streets)
Time:  5:00 p.m. until closing

            Can you help us find missing classmates?
            Questions: Diana Cavallero:

**Bossie the Cow Update**
“Bossie” the cow who has resided on the top of the building on the corner of Milpas and Canon Perdido Streets for more than 80 years fell to her demise. She has been painted by dozens of alums over the years. Sadly, she is beyond repair. However, SBHS alums and community members have resoundingly shared their wishes to replace her. To that end, more than $6000.00 have been raised. Discussions with the City of Santa Barbra and the property owners are ongoing.
Check the SBHS Alumni website for updates and to donate.

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The Milpas Street Cow

The Milpas Street Cow dates back to 1940 when there were no less than 10 dairies operating in and around the city. That year, the Live Oak Dairy built the building at 901 N. Milpas complete with the cow perched on top. The building was their new creamery/processing plant (or so I've been told so far). The Live Oak Dairy moo-cows themselves enjoyed The Great Montecito Life, wandering around the premises at 749 San Ysidro Road. Around 1942 the Live Oak Dairy merged with the Riviera Dairy and became Live Oak Riviera Farms. By the late 40s the Petan Dairy name adorned the building. The name Petan came from combining the names of the owners, Pete and Ann Jackson. I haven't got a date as to when the cow was first painted. The list of alumni who have claims to partaken in the bovine art escapades is extensive with several remembering painting the cow before the building even existed. "Back in the good old days" the cops turned a blind eye to the kids atop the building painting the cow as it was just part of the Santa Barbara tradition and one they themselves may have participated in. If the story is that the cow was painted as an "in your face" to San Marcos High then the tradition would have started sometime after 1958 when San Marcos opened.

Photo & Story by
Neal Graffy

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